We keep it real.

Inland Media uses unique production processes that cross-pollinate technology and diversity in storytelling.

We are committed.

Inland Media is part of the movement to include collaboration as a necessary means of media production.

We are innovative.

Inland Media uses new technology and equipment to advance narrative in multi-media and XR production.

“ . . . Community makes the world run.”




Juan A. Mas

Lead Artist

Juan Mas says coming up the ranks the old fashion way has helped him become a seasoned producer and director of television, film and theater. He has had the opportunity to work abroad and produce in Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, for Warner International, TNT and Hallmark as well as over the United States doing features, television shows and mini-series. He resides in Spokane where he is actively involved with the Spokane Film, Theater, Music and Art scene.


Rebecca Chadwell

Lead Artist

Rebecca Chadwell likes a good story. She manages Spokane Women/Art/Media, co-founded the Richmond Art Collective which provides live/work spaces for artists, and has guided future rock stars at Girls Rock Lab. Currently, she is working with The Public VR Lab in the movement toward innovation and inclusion in digital storytelling.


Anna Czoski

Lead Artist

With a passion for bringing unique experiences to emerging technology, Anna leverages her skill set in 3D art, new media, and experience design to engage and inspire in the Virtual Reality industry. Anna co-founded and served as the Creative Director at NovaWake Studios a VR company, which launched the project Gravity Compass on SteamVR.


Hannah Sander

Lead Artist

Editing is my favorite part of film making. Editing is 90% storytelling, whether it's for a TV spot, corporate video or feature film. The other 10%? That’s organization. I love digging for the perfect spoken line or perfectly framed shot to bring that story to life. It’s like being a sculptor. You chisel away until you're left with a work of art.


    Thomas Floyd Castillo

    Lead Artist

    has a background in Government and Indian Studies as a means to advocate for rebuilding Native Communities. He worked as a legal administrative assistant in Olympia toward Indian Law reform. He is currently working on a new media series of poetry and short film that combines his experience growing up on the reservation with his identity as an urban Indian.


      Cristobal Arellano-Camacho


      “You don’t take photos, you create them.”


      “ . . . was it Laurie Anderson who said that VR would never look real until they learned how to put some dirt in it?”

      William Gibson

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